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Privacy Policy

Since May 2018, European Union set new rules for personal data of individuals using the web and mobile applications. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies to all persons residing within the European Union.

You can get information from the only instance entitled to provide you with information about your rights at the following address:


Our privacy policy is organized around 9 main articles :

Article 1 - Respect for the rights of individuals

Every individual has a right of inspection over his own personal data and we respect that principle scrupulously. AASAP, Registered Trade Company is complying with all CNIL recommendations regarding GDPR.

Article 2 : Collection of personal data

We only collect the personal data of our users for our sole commercial interest and we do not sell nor distribute this data to any company. Our unique purpose in collecting data is to establish a database of our customers in order to improve our quality of service, our operating standards and to transmit information about our products if necessary. In no way are these data used for sale purpose. Our databases, if they exist, are not used for commercial purposes other than ours.

Article 3 : Retention of personal data

The personal data of our customers are kept 5 years from the date of last use of our services. They are then archived 5 years and destroyed. We use a registry of data processing and data breaches in order to be able to justify and present to the CNIL our activity regarding the databases in our possession in case of plea. We do not use a database external to our company and we have not acquired any in the interest of commercial prospecting.

Article 4 : Transparency

The principle of transparency of the GDPR is scrupulously applied within the AASAP Company. Anyone claiming us personal data and / or requesting the erasure of his personal data in our files will be satisfied within one month from the date of the request.

You can obtain your personal data by sending us a copy of your identity document by mail to the following address:

You can send your request by registered mail with aknowledgement of receipt at the following address :

AASAP – 114 rue Gambetta – 95100 ARGENTEUIL – FRANCE

Please note that if you live out of the European Union, we will not be able to answer this type of request. Nevertheless, and because our customers are our foremost concern, we will try and apply the same rules as for the European Citizens regarding the respect of your personal datas.

Our Company is registered with the number 830173514, in the Registering Office of Pontoise; our VTA number is FR61830173514. We are a French Company and we pay taxes in France.

Article 5 : Vulnerable Public

We strictly prohibit the collection of personal data of individuals under the age of 15 whose written consent is not legal in accordance with French laws.

Article 6 : Legacy

Should any individual or any external organization to AASAP Company try to get fraudulently personal datas of our customers out of our consent, and despite our efforts to guarantee confidentiality of any collected datas, we decline our responsibility in that case. On the other hand, we will give information regarding any breach of security as soon as we are informed within 48 hours, the moment we note that fraud.

Should any individual or any external organization collect personal datas of our customers out of our knowledge, in order to discredit our Company and use those datas in order to harm our customers (or in any other aim). AASAP Company will go to law jointly with the Customers involved. Complaints will be examined by any qualified European Organisation regarding GDPR applications and all consequences that this implies for individuals and / or organizations outside AASAP Company.

Article 7 : Cookies and Data collection on our website

We do not collect datas and we do not use Cookies unless for statistic goals for our website (those cookies are managed by our host, whose address you can get if you ask to the below and above addresses mentioned in this page).

Article 8 : Fields of Application

All of the above articles apply to our hosted websites as well as to mobile applications that we make for our external customers and to all media used to produce accessible content "online". Anyone breaking GDPR rules regarding AASAP Company Privacy Articles will be sued.

Article 9 : AASAP - Legal Fields

AASAP Company is a legal registered company (Corporate Registering Office of Pontoise), which number is 830173514. AASAP Company registers all creations and designs towards APP and anyone trying to copy those creations and designs will be sued.

Anyone willing to use or copy those creations and designs is supposed to contact AASAP Company by any written mean (email or mail). AASAP Company may or may not accept the use of its creations and designs.

AASAP Company strictly prohibits any use or publishing of its creation whatever they are, on any media, and for any use without a written authorization.

Our VTA number is FR61830173514. We are a French Company and we pay taxes in France.

Our website is hosted in : Ionos Sarl, 7 place de la Gare, 57201 Sarreguemines.

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