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AASAP AND CO - Workshops

Computers and all this stuff is not only technical: it is also vocabulary, a way of thinking, and in a general manner a state of mind that could look like philosophy. Everybody should understand that, so that no one do no longer feel intimidated or frightened because it all seems so hard.

In order to simplify the approach of computering, I created workshops for schools and adults (and for instance the recruiters) willing to understand new jobs and seniors who want to become geeks. I use my tools to explain a very simple way. You can feel like you learn something while attending.

I can make workshops for all ages because being curious is a good state of mind, at every step in a lifetime.


Statistics 2020 - 1st quarter

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Workshops - List - 1h30 each

(for schools, the price is per classroom.)

Workshops Age Groups Price for 10 participants*
*VTA Excluded
Kids Elementary College High Adults Seniors
Cool Koala : using smartphones et tablets X X X 135€
Cool Koala : learning pedagogy of the game X 150€
Cool Koala : presentation of code - Web X X X 150€
Cool Koala : presentation of code - applications smartphones X X X 150€
Social Networks : advantages and drawbacks X X X 150€
Geek Vocabulary X X 150€
New Jobs X X X 150€
GDPR : Workshops X X 250€