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All the Websites look like each other, how boring it is... And what about applications? All the same. Everything look like every other thing and everyone makes the same Website as every other one...

Don't you want something a little different? Do you really want another Wordpress website? Do you want to move forward, out from these standards?

Or maybe you just need clean code?

Let's have a chat, we have all the same point of view, for sure (see page Contact).

I only work on quotations, so that I can answer your needs.

Maybe a little cross looking like Kasimir Malévitch's one could help to explain what I can suggest for your needs:


I create original Websites.

I only use native code.

I make Websites that you can read on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Animations are made on the html and not the opposite.

Possible languages : jQuery, javaScript, PHP, Xml.

I can maintain your website.

Google Play Store and Apple Store

I make applications for smartphones and tablets on Apple and Android.

I use XCode and Android Studio.

I use Swift and Kotlin + Xml languages.

Lead Developer MOE for all applications.

Already several applications for smartphones and tablets (see page Projects).


I make diagnosis and evaluate your needs.

I evaluate database issues and arrange them.

I animate workshops regarding GDPR (for Developers and Adults).

I am an independent DPO (see page GDPR).

I can suggest updates and upgrades for all internal documents regarding GDPR.

Did you know that?

  • 100% of Wordpress Websites had already been attacked.
  • The robbery of personal data is forbidden in Europe for anyone living on our land.
  • App Stores do not tolerate anymore that anyone collect personal data without Customers' agreement.
  • The use of Cookies and tracking methods will be regulated in Europe as from the end of 2020.
  • Streaming is forbidden in some Hosting General Sales Contracts.
  • Crossplatform can not provide responsive design.
  • 15% of the people on Earth are disabled.