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What do we do?

Applications Smartphones


Web : showrooms

Design : images & logos

How do we do?


we do our best in order to give a better accessibility experience for our disabled customers. we wish anyone can have the best experience with smartphones applications and web, out of any discrimination and with respect and friendliness. we respect the right of attention of our customers.


within aasap, no complicated language, only things that you can understand easily. our method: no technical jargon, only useful language so that you can understand what we create for you.


we do not arrange s.e.o. for you. s.e.o is paid benefit of the search engines which remains the responsibility of your company. we can advise agencies specialized in referencing, on request. regarding "natural" s.e.o, you may know that it takes at least six months to be referenced by the search engine google named panda. the increase in the number of websites is the cause, and google bots only pass once every six months, if you do not pay to increase your visibility.

everybody wants to be the first but can everybody be the first?

that's the reason why we create sober websites, not "sexy" ones but efficient and any disabled persons can access those websites.

Altruism / Kindness

create a business of your own is difficult as to create your first digital tools. we follow you and keep you posted once a week on the progress of work, out of harassing you.


we scrupulously respect the right of people to have their data according to the new European regulations (gdpr).

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