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Our customers' views on Cool Koala***

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"Something upsets me : one always talks about negative things, such as games on smartphones driving most of children crazy but nobody talks about games such as cool koala, which are made for children and can help them progress. that's the reason why i know a lot of parents, afraid of using tablets and smartphones with their children because they do not want them to become crazy, for sure, and be considered as irresponsible ones.

but my daughter plays with cool koala and i do not have the feeling she is in danger, on the contrary. of course, the Developer is a friend of mine, and i trust her because i know she would turn sick if my daughter had any trouble due to this application :-)).

what i like most is there is no score report and my daughter can play out of performing issues, which is to my opinion harmful for children. and what i like above all is the limited amount of time in the game (10 rounds maximum per level). my daughter can not progress without my advice and she asks me to help her. cool koala is not an application for adults, it is dedicated to children, which is easy to understand. it is totally peaceful and benevolent, which is the way i educate my daughter.

i know i can let her play alone for 5 minutes in the morning when i am getting ready to leave because no advertisement and no notification will interfere in her game. We often play in her room with classic games such as puzzles or any educational games and i realized that with cool koala, she stays more concentrated and for a longer time and she progresses faster. i must say i am proud of her when i can see her progress that way and i can feel she enjoys a lot playing this game. of course, the "make it like adults" attitude must add a special attract when she can use my smartphone or my tablet!

i therefore recommand cool koala to any parents who are "Security Freaks" and want their children to play in a safe environment ;-))."

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"i enjoy playing cool koala with my daughter because i like when she uses my smartphone. she understood very quickly that my device is to be used with care and i am moved when i see her touch carefully the screen, with her little hands and her little fingers, as i learned her to do. she is still a bit young and i sometimes fear to let her play with my smartphone or tablet, mainly when you know what kind of cognitive disaster it can lead to.

but with cool koala, i feel comfortable, especially since that game received the approval of a psychologist (see the view of the psychologist about cool koala).

i must confess that although it is not the philosophy of the game, i could challenge my daughter and pushed her to play difficult levels; she could achieve them, with my help, because i knew she could do it. i am proud of my daughter and i am proud she could achieve to succeed in difficult levels.

i do recommand cool koala, because it is so great to share a good moment with my daughter and teach her how to use a device which will be part of her life, as for us nowadays. deny access to children to new technology is a nonsense, mainly when a game such as cool koala is available !"

picture of cool Koala because Audrey did not want to have her picture on our website, one of Cool Koala's customer

"my twins, sach and tom, discovered cool koala at the age of 4 and they played it a different manner.

my son tom was "hooked" very fast and he always arranges things so that he can use the tablet on which we uploaded cool koala.

i do not know if that game helped him, but nevertheless, i must say that while on the edge of getting into elementary school, i can state he already can read and write and his brother cannot read yet and tom is the one who used mainly the game cool koala.

i raised my sons the same way, taking care of their own characters, but it seems to me that one of them is more alert than the other. i am not sure if that game cool koala helped him progress the way he did but i must state that tom can read and write and he played a lot to cool koala and he asks us to progress in difficult levels.

i wish to add that once you have downloaded cool koala in the store, you do not need to have an internet connection. i can remember a very tough trip by car, during which tom was restless and the use of cool koala helped us in stopping the mess right behind us!

i recommand the use of cool koala for the intellectual awakening of yourchildren and also because it could help you have a few minutes of peace sometimes :-))."

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***aasapandco can assure you that all testimonials here are made by persons who bought the application on the apple store. the ones who were mentionned here agreed by written consent so that we broadcast their comments and pictures. we respect their private life and we do not share their family names, first names or age. we do not use children's pictures, as parents mentionned it to us.

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aasapandco wish to thank you all and wish you the best as well as for your children, your nieces, your nephews, your grandchildren, your grand grandchildren, your friends' children, the big kids playing cool koala in seal and to finish it all, all the children round your circle!